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Hello how are you my card is being charged for this movie site I do not have an account here how did you get my visa card number I am not Registered with this company the charge was on 07/25/2012 I guess this is the trans action number 866-5668437 please if you will send me some kind of information to my home address 803 E 14th St Alma, Ga 31510 About this Matter I do not have an account with this company Please explain to me how dii you get my Visa Card number Thank you it

Monetary Loss: $9.

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I'm in the same situation as the rest of you. How did they get my Visa #.

I never opened any type of membership with this company or ordered any movies from them. I'm being charged 9.95 a month. There is noway to contact BBV Hot Movies. There is no address and or phone #.

My Visa company is contacting their bank and has now refunded all my charges from them for the last year.

Please do the same. Give your visa company this web site email address so they can conform all the fraudulent complaints and refund you back your money :(

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